Websites of the Week This is a pretty cool website where you can type in an IP address and trace it back to where the website's servers are. How do you find the IP of a website? Just press the Windows key+R, type in cmd, and then press enter. Type in ping "name of website" and then press enter. For example, to ping Google, type in "ping" without quotations and then Google will respond. When it responds, you will see Google's IP address (such as Type this into the Ip-adress website and it will trace it back to the location of the Google servers (which is in San Francisco, California, USA). You can also do many other things on the ip-adress website, but please note that you can not ping websites when you are not connected to the internet, some websites try to block you from pinging them, and the ip-adress website may not always be 100% accurate as to where a website's servers are. To sign up for their free service though, visit this link:

Ip-adress is one of the best websites for gamers of any console and computer. It offers: screenshots, trailers, cheats, downloads, articles, trainers, maps and mods, and has forums for gamers to converse in. However, perhaps the greatest asset of can be found in it's full games section with freeware games. Most people think freeware games aren't that good because they're free (obviously) and usually not very popular. However, proves this statement wrong. It has many freeware games of excellent quality that I recommend you check out.

Gamer's Hell is a great resource for discovering how to create websites and for learning about how websites work. It has hundreds of articles that are well written and very informative. There are also very few advertisements on the website and it loads very fast in any browser. Finally, is frequently updated and easy to find on search engines.


The Internet Archive: Wayback Machine is a very unique website where you can look at millions of websites from years back and see how they have changed over time. I've used the Wayback Machine before to see how some very popular websites have changed and even how computer technology has advanced over the years.


Gmail is one of the most popular online email systems and I highly recommend Gmail as you can use Gmail with a slower internet connection and then just use it's "basic HTML" view to have fast and free online email with absolutely no ads. Also, Gmail has a very effective Spam filter and getting a Gmail address also gives you personalized access to Google's other free services available on the internet, such as Google Search (where you can use your account to keep Google Instant off if you don't like it), Google Finance (where you can follow your selected stocks), and other services.


Softpedia is one of my favourite websites for downloading all kinds of programs to run on my computer. I find it has less advertising than and I like how you can create a download basket in Softpedia instead of downloading all the programs individually (although you do have to have a Softpedia account to do this). Finally, Softpedia is pretty fast and easy to use.

Softpedia and it's sister website are both great websites where you can check the speed and quality of your internet connection, and find out whether or not you may be overpaying your ISP. Speedtest also shows you the internet speed trends for your connection and you can therefore run a speed test during the day and night to see if your internet connection is any faster or slower. I have used and many times and they do give a good estimate of your internet connection's speed and reliability.





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