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Tech TNT has tons of useful articles related to computers, is updated frequently, and is useful to everyone, regardless of computer savvyness. Please bookmark this site if you like it.  Tech TNT also an excellent free program and great website reviewed every week. Please also note that the articles on Tech TNT are generally optimized for the average Windows XP user, but most of the tutorials will also work with Windows Vista and Windows 7.


-Great articles that will be continuously updated as well as more articles monthly, such as my Audio Not Working and Fixing Printer Problems articles and more.
-Great free programs that I have thoroughly tested, reviewed, and use myself.


Photo Pos Pro is a powerful free image editing program that I highly recommend. It is similar to Photoshop as you can edit all kinds of files with it, as well as save files in varying image formats in various quality levels. In fact, Photo Pos Pro used to be paid software until the company decided to make it free. Finally, Photo Pos Pro is easy to use and has a relatively small download size for such a powerful program.

Photo Pos Pro

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK and it's sister website are both great websites where you can check the speed and quality of your internet connection, and find out whether or not you may be overpaying your ISP. Speedtest also shows you the internet speed trends for your connection and you can therefore run a speed test during the day and night to see if your internet connection is any faster or slower. I have used and many times and they do give a good estimate of your internet connection's speed and reliability.


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