Programs of the Week


Google Chrome. If Google has the number 1 search engine in the world, doesn't it make sense for Google to create the number 1 internet browser as well? Google Chrome is an excellent, fast, and free internet browser that is much easier to use than Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. It is also open source and very secure. The only downside to Google Chrome is that it has fewer add-ons and extensions, less options to customize and work with your internet browsing experience, and some people just find it's user interface too bare bones and boring to use compared to the other internet browsers. However, I use Chrome whenever I can and it rarely ever crashes, and I definitely recommend it over the other internet browsers. To get Google Chrome, click on the link below:

Google Chrome 

Quick StartUp is an excellent program for choosing the icons that will start up in the Windows toolbar when a computer is loading up. Not only does it name every program that starts up, it also shows where that program is starting up and rates how safe it is for someone to turn off the program. It also can show you the local services in Windows that start up when loading your computer, and you can add a program to start up if you wish. Finally, Quick StartUp has a nice GUI interface, a small setup file size (only 1.35 MB), and is completely free (although you can upgrade the program if you wish).

Quick StartUp

Sauerbraten is an amazing FPS for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is freeware but has amazing graphics and many fun levels that are either really easy or really hard. There are even advanced options in Sauerbraten (where you can turn off some blood and gore and adjust how hard the levels will be). I recommend Sauerbraten to people who like popular FPS's like Far Cry and Halo.


The Open Office suite of open source software is some of the best word processing, presentation, graphics, spreadsheet, and database software you can find on the internet. Open office programs are very easy to use, available on many operating systems, and are available in many different languages. Also, Open Office is totally free and you can share the software with your friends.


Speedfan is a great, free program that helps you monitor your computer and access your computer's temperature sensors, hard drive health, fan speed, and any overclocking you may do on your computer. You can also control the fans in your computer and configure your computer to beep or run some other script or program when your computer's temperature gets too hot or your hard drive health reaches some lower level. Speedfan has many other features as well that you can use to control your computer.


The VLC media player is an open source, free, and great program for computers that can play virtually any music or video file, including avi, mp4, and mkv videos. It is frequently updated and can also play DVD's and online content as well. Finally, VLC media player is easy to use and is currently one of the most popular video players in the world.

VLC Media Player

Photo Pos Pro is a powerful free image editing program that I highly recommend. It is similar to Photoshop as you can edit all kinds of files with it, as well as save files in varying image formats in various quality levels. In fact, Photo Pos Pro used to be paid software until the company decided to make it free. Finally, Photo Pos Pro is easy to use and has a relatively small download size for such a powerful program.

Photo Pos Pro





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