Top 5 Web Hosts

These are the top website hosts on the internet (in my opinion). In this article, I will list their pros and cons of the webhost and recommend who a particular web host is best suited for. Generally, however, I recommend Ipage for small-medium websites, Hostgator for growing websites, and Inmotion for business websites.

1. Ipage. Ipage is an excellent host as they are relatively inexpensive and offer many features (including unlimited domains for far less than the competition). The bad thing about Ipage is that it's not really suited for any intense growth of a website and it requires plans by the year. I would recommend Ipage for anyone who owns a small business, who wants a blog, or who just wants a fun and personal website. (link)

2. Hostgator. Hostgator is a very large web host that offers cpanel and is very reliable. They are a truly unlimited web host provider as they have many servers and can easily take more traffic. Hostgator also has excellent website building software and they have excellent customer service. The disadvantages of Hostgator is that they host many websites on a server (making websites a tiny bit slower than normal), you are required to renew your domain, and they are a little expensive. Hostgator is most suited for those who own expanding businesses, expect their websites to grow, and even for those who own very large commercial businesses. (link)

3. Dreamhost.  Dreamhost is a very generous web host that offers a lot of features and is a little humorous. They are an excellent web host as they offer a lot of features for a good price. They will even host non profit organizations and charities for free! Some disadvantages of Dreamhost is that they do not offer good technical support like the other hosts and they do not directly offer any webhost software. Dreamhost is most suited for professional website developers and website designers. (link

4. Easy-CGI. Easy-CGI offers good hosting services on Windows servers. They offer a little fewer features than regular hosting companies and have restrictions on website disk space usage, bandwidth usage, and the amount of email accounts you can have. However, they are a solid choice for people who want reliable and honest web hosting services. I would recommend them to people who prefer working with Windows on their servers, and to those that have larger websites. (link)

5. Inmotion. Inmotion hosting is for the business user who wants a website that will be available regardless of how much traffic and how many hits it gets. Everything on Inmotion hosting is geared towards a businessperson, and they prove their hosting services by having a lot of demos for the different services they offer with every web hosting account. The disadvantages of Inmotion hosting is that it's not unlimited in some things (such as the amount of domains you can host), and it does not offer any advertising credits for Google and Facebook, like Ipage, Hostgator, or Dreamhost would. (link)




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