Step By Step Website Creation

Making a commerical, business, or just for fun website is a lot easier than you may think. When creating a website, you must always keep in mind three things that you need. These are: a domain, hosting, and website building software. If you are planning on building a website over the long term, I recommend this web hosting company (link) and then getting a free domain with one of their packages. From there, it is quite simple to build your website with one of their builders and to get your site online. 

If you plan to try out a real website but want to pay the absolute minimum as you don't know whether or not it's going to work, I recommend this website hosting company (link). Click on the "View Web Hosting Plans", and then click "Order Now" for the Hatchling Plan. Enter a domain name or transfer one. After that, click "Continue to Step 2" and then enter the code "amonthfree" (unless you want to host for longer than a month, in which case the default code of "Spring" is the best value) when you sign up and with that, you only have to pay for the domain. Click to continue, and then fill out your registration information. 

The first thing that Hostgator will do is send you an email giving you account details. Click the login link. If it doesn't work, try putting into your browser (replacing yourdomainhere with your actual domain). You can also check your billing information to ensure that you got charged the right amount. Please note, if you continue hosting on their servers, they will automatically charge you every month (if you used a credit card). If you decide not to host longer than a month, you lose your $0.01, but the domain is still yours for a year. Remember though, buying a domain is an investment. If you picked a very good name, you could probably sell it for a lot more than $15 and thus make money (more on this later).

If you still can't logon into anything, it's probably because they need to send you an email to verify your account. Once you get this email (wait about a day), immediately verify and get started on your website. You may also not be able to logon because your domain is propagating (which means it is spreading throughout the internet; this typically lasts 12-24 hours). 

When you finally get onto cpanel, view the tutorials and look around at what you get to work with. If you want, make an email address (such as admin@yourdomainhere) that you can use to have customers or friends send email to you. Don't worry about making too many emails for your friends either; you have unlimited email addresses!

Now look closely on the left hand side of cpanel for "Web Site Builders". There are two available; Site Studio and Site Builder. Click on the first "Request Form" icon to get your free site building software. This will load a page. Enter the email address of your desire and select SiteBuilder from the drop down menu. Click "Send" and wait 48 hours or less for your site building login and password to come. Once received, click on the link and type in your login information. From here, site building is explained by the Site Builder software and their "5 step process". If you need help, visit this (link) and always remember that you can call them toll free, send a ticket, or start a live chat on cpanel or this (link). 

If you want your website on Google, wait awhile and the Googlebot should come. There are a few things you should do on your website to make your website more prominent on Google and to attain more traffic, but that will be in another article coming soon. For now, visit this (link) for help on search engine optimization.

Good Luck!



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