How To Prevent My Computer From Crashing

-Use good, new hardware and software that is less than 4 years old. For hard drives, I recommend Japanese manufacturers such as Toshiba, Hitachi, and Fujitsu as they are generally better built and they last longer. For processors, I recommend AMD as they run cooler and more precise. They are also very efficient. For RAM, I recommend a company like Kingston or Crucial, as they are usually better manufacturers of RAM than other companies. For operating systems, I recommend Windows and Linux as they are fast and constantly updated.

-Avoid changing and adding computer parts to your computer (unless you need to update the system), and installing more software on your computer than you need. This may create software conflicts for your computer (one of the worst software conflicts is running two anti-virus utilities at the same time; they will think the other anti-virus program is a virus and will try to kill it (which can royally mess up your computer's software).

To avoid software and hardware conflicts, ask the manufacturer for hardware compatibility problems when buying a new piece of hardware for your computer, and ask the software developer for any hardware/software issues possible with your computer's current configuration (which you can find by right clicking "My Computer" and clicking on Properties). You can also find out these things by reading the documentation provided by the software developers and hardware manufacturers.

-Not taking very good care of your computer. Remember that your computer will not stay clean for very long after you buy it and it does require a cleaning every few months. Also, keep in mind the environment that you run your computer in. Always moving your computer around and operating it in very high and cold temperatures will certainly take its toll after a couple of months or so. Also, not taking good care of your computer can cause it to overheat, which can be another reason why your computer crashes.

-Your computer may also crash from a virus or a Windows registry problem. To solve this problem, download an anti-virus problems such as this one for free: Avira Anti-Virus and do a complete system scan. Also, download this program for free to clean your registry and possibly fix other things that may be causing your computer to crash: Computer Care.




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