Common Computer Problems And Their Solutions


Noise is normal for any computer. Some normal startup noises include a fan, the hard drive and maybe the computer's monitor (if it's a CRT), printer and external hard drive (if you have these things), and maybe even a beep.

Noise that can indicate problems with your computer: more than one beep on computer startup (contact your computer`s manufacturer; unless you just changed the computer`s hardware configuration), a loud hard drive (if the hard drive starts making weird noises or is really loud, backup your files and replace the hard drive), and a loud fan (this may indicate that the fan needs cleaning).

My Computer Is Stuck In A Low Resolution

-This may occur when your computer is in Safe Mode and it is normal here.

-If this happens when your computer is running normally and the low resolution won`t go away, it typically means that you have not downloaded and ran the driver for your video card, so it is stuck in Windows default resolution. To get the driver, visit your computer company`s support page and look for the driver there or contact tech support. For example, for an HP laptop, I would go to and look up my computer for the driver I need. Please note: When you install an operating system on your computer, you need to download and install a lot more than just your video card drivers (you also need to download and install the sound drivers, network drivers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray drivers, and other drivers for your computer).

-Some other possible causes for this problem are viruses, a software or hardware conflict within your computer, or video card problems. To try and fix this, scan your computer for viruses, try using system restore (in the fixing your computer article, it explains how to do this), or contact a computer professional. If the problem still persists, you may have a problem with your video card and need to get it replaced.

My Computer Has Tons of Quick Launch Icons And Notification Area Icons

To get rid of the quick launch bar, simply right click on the time on the bottom of the computer screen and select Properties. Go to the Taskbar tab and uncheck the "Show Quick Launch" icon.

To get rid of excessive icons in the notification area, simply right click on the time on the bottom of the computer screen and select Properties. Go to the "Notification Area" tab and click on the "Customize..." link. Click on the "Current Items" an click on their "Behavior" to access the scroll down list and show or hide the icon in the notification area. When you are finished, press "OK" and "OK" again to exit the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window.



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